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Homemade Vegan Bread – Super Easy Failsafe Recipe

There’s nothing like a smell of a homemade bread.

Some people think baking bread is a very complicated and long process. Admittedly there are recipes that consist of many stages and everything lasts more than a day. Not this Vegan Bread Recipe.

With this recipe you could be eating delicious homemade bread in a blink of an eye. And you don’t need any extraordinary skills or ingredients.

Why you should try this Vegan Bread Recipe?

  • no-knead easiest recipe ever
  • super quick
  • it has nice crispy crust
  • beginner friendly !
  • homemade bread is so much better and healthier than store bought
  • based on this recipe you can prepare various versions of bread

Ingredients in Vegan Bread Recipe

As you will see in the recipe below there are basic ingredients, that are required in this recipe. There are also additions that can be skipped or freely swapped for something else. Let’s have a look at our basic ingredients.


There’s a certain flexibility when it comes to types of flour in this recipe. If you want traditional white bread use only white all-purpose flour. If you want to make a little healthier loaf, mix all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour half and half. You could even go ahead and try using only whole wheat flour, however your bread will be heavier and may need more rising time.

Remember than whole flour ‘drinks’ more water, so you may need to add about 1/3 cup more water when using it.

Slices of easy vegan bread with hummus on a plate with bell pepper.


I just love using instant yeast in baking, as they make your life so easy. No dissolving in water and waiting for the mixture to bubble. No ‘accidents’ with yeast that you forgot you mixed with water and they went for a walk outside the container.

You just mix them well with the flour of your choice and that’s it. When you add liquid to form the dough they will start their magic immediately.


Rolled oats, quick oats and oat flakes will all work fine in this vegan bread recipe. Oats add chewy texture and they keep humidity in the bread. They are of course healthy superfood, so their addition raises nutritional values of the loaf.


Although instant yeast do not require sugar to work, adding a bit of sugar can speed up the rising process. I think it, despite the small quantity, improve taste too.


Even when baking sweet things, or neutral like bread, a small addition of salt is recommended. I once forgot to add salt to my bread and it turned out bland and boring.


I always use filtered lukewarm water, unless it’s very hot outside and room temperature water will suffice. Using warm water speeds up the process of rising.

Be careful not to use too hot water. If you cannot keep your finger inside for 10 seconds than it’s definitely too hot. If the temperature is too high you may kill the yeast and the bread won’t rise at all.

Surprise your family with delicious homemade Vegan Bread. This recipe is so easy you will be tempted to bake it everyday.

Easy Vegan Bread Recipe

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Don’t forget to check out notes below the main recipe for additional tips about this vegan bread.


  • 450g all purpose wheat flour (3 3/4 cups)

  • 4 tbsp oat flakes

  • 7-8g dry yeast (1 packet / 2tsp)

  • 2 tsp sugar

  • 2 tsp salt

  • 430-450 ml lukewarm water

  • 1/3 cup pumpkin seeds

  • 1/3 cup dried cranberry


  • Add all dry ingredients into a bowl and mix them well. It is important that yeasts and sugar are evenly distributed.
  • Add your additions (if using any) and stir them into the dry ingredients.
  • Pour the water in and start mixing with the spatula (or a spoon) – water and flour will come together forming the dough. It will be a bit shaggy, not smooth on the beginning but that’s fine. Give it some time.
  • When you no longer see dry flour in your dough it is ready to be placed in your baking tray. After it’s all in, drizzle it with some water and even the surface with spoon or spatula. You can sprinkle some sunflower or pumpkin seeds on top.
    Vegan bread in a tray before raising.
  • You can use any baking tray you like, just make sure the dough takes maximum half the height.
    Now your loaf needs to rest and rise – preferably in warm place. It should double the size. It may take an hour or more – depending on your yeast and room temperature.Vegan Bread in a baking tray after raising.
  • Preheat your oven to 200°C / 390°F. Bake your bread for 50 minutes enjoying delightful smell that will fill you kitchen after a while. Sliced vegan bread on wooden board.
  • For extra crispy crust take baked bread out of the tray and put it back into the warm (turned-off) over for additional 10 minutes.


  • This recipe doesn’t require you to knead the dough. Actually you will notice this dough is quite wet and sticky, so it would be difficult anyway. Mixing the ingredients well is enough.
  • In order to get amazing golden crispy bread crust brush your loaf just before baking with aquafaba (chickpea brine). Yes, it is one of hundred things aquafaba is great for. I always store it in the fridge after I drained chickpeas. If you don’t have aquafaba you can use any unsweetened plant-based milk.
  • If you’re in no rush and want to give your bread a bit more time to rise you can leave the dough in the bowl (covered with cloth) for an hour or two. Then transfer it gently to the baking tray and give it another hour. This double-rising process should result in really well risen dough and bread with big artisan holes.
  • Be careful with water. It has to be warm, but never hot (too high temperature will kill the yeast). You can also use room temperature water, but I noticed that warmer water encourages our yeasts to start their work faster 🙂

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vegan bread recipe

You can bake this bread without any additions, just basic ingredients and it still will be great. I really enjoy adding pumpkin seeds and dry cranberries. Pumpkin seeds get this amazing aroma after baking and cranberries add nice sweetness. If you don’t like sweet additions in your bread you can mix various grains in. Here are my suggestions for interesting versions of vegan bread recipe:

  • 2 tbsp of each: pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and chia seeds
  • Italian version with pieces of dried figs and walnuts
  • nutty: 2 tbsp of walnuts, pecans and hazelnuts
vegan bread recipe

I bake bread, buns, rolls regularly and I like to check out various recipes, but this one is on repeat most often. I just like how easy it is. Little effort – great results! Who wouldn’t like it?

Would you like to read more about healthy vegan baking? Please let me know in the comments what other recipes you would like to see here.

vegan bread

Let me know what you think about this Vegan Bread Recipe!

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