easy vegan cake

Easy Vegan Cake with Fruit

The easiest vegan cake you can possibly imagine. Ready from scratch under an hour!

Usually weather in December is pretty nice here in Cyprus, but this afternoon it was horrible, rainy and windy. Whoever lives by the sea can relate to windy weather on the seaside.

I decided to bake a cake to lift our moods and raise the temperature, but I didn’t have any fancy ingredients at hand. And who wants to go shopping when it’s raining outside?

Why you should try this Easy Vegan Cake?

  • prepared in under 10 minutes
  • I bet you have all ingredients in your kitchen
  • cheap !!!
  • you can adjust it to basically any ideaingredient you want to use (apples, frozen berries, nuts, seasonal fruits like rhubarb)
  • if you’re new to vegan baking that’s the recipe you should go for. If you follow the recipe you cannot really go wrong with this cake.
Easy Vegan Cake

Looking for a quick and easy cake from ingredients at hand? This Easy Vegan Cake is your solution when the guests are just few minutes away and you have no idea for dessert.

Easy Vegan Cake – the simplest recipe

Recipe by VegnFitCourse: DessertCuisine: VeganDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Baking time


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  • 2 cups all purpose flour

  • 1/3 cup sugar

  • 2tsp baking powder

  • vanilla sugar

  • 1/3 cup oil (sunflower, rapeseed, grapeseed)

  • 2/3 cup water

  • 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

  • topping – half apple and half pear, some powdered sugar (check notes below for other topping ideas)


  • Mix all dry ingredients in a bigger bowl.
  • Mix wet ingredients in a cup or a small bowl.
  • Pour wet ingredients into the bowl with dry ingredients, mix well until you get a smooth dough. It will be rather liquid.
  • Place the dough in the baking tray of your choice (round, square, any tray will actually do). Make sure the dough takes around 1/3 height of the tray.
  • Now it’s time for your topping. I cut my apple and pear in nice slices and placed them over the cake. Sprinkled them with chopped pecan nuts and some icing sugar. Just love baked pecan nuts !!!easy vegan cake
  • Bake the cake in 180°C / 356°F for 45 minutes.


  • Do not overdo the topping especially if it’s something watery like fresh fruit. Remember this cake needs to rise while baking.
  • You can arrange the fruits into a nice pattern or just go for artistic chaos. Your cake will surely looks great. And you can always cover it with icing sugar after it cools down.
  • Try sprinkling some sugar on top of your cake before baking to add a nice bronze to the fruits.

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Topping ideas

Here’s where you can get creative. Those are just my suggestions of toppings for this easy vegan cake. You go ahead and use whatever you like.

  • chopped apples covered in cinnamon and sugar
  • seasonal fruit like strawberries, raspberries or rhubarb
  • pecans and pieces of chocolate
  • You don’t have any fresh fruit? Why not try a jam or preserve?


You can store this easy vegan cake for few days preferably in closed container, so it doesn’t dry out. If it’s hot outside store it in the fridge. Honestly.. it doesn’t last long in my home. It just mysteriously disappears 🙂

easy vegan cake

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Let me know what you think about this recipe for Easy Vegan Cake! What toppings did you try?

easy vegan cake

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