How To Toast Walnuts – 2 Easy Ways

Crunchy, delicate and super aromatic – toasted walnuts are perfect snack or delicious and nutritious addition to salads, soups, curries and desserts.

Learn how to toast walnuts for that perfect crunch, and check out where to use them.

Why should we toast walnuts?

  • they become super crunchy and more delicate
  • they loose bitterness
  • they are delicious additions to salads, stews, soups and desserts
  • they are easier to digest
  • amazing smell will fill your kitchen

What do we need to toast walnuts?


Walnuts are fantastic material for toasting. If you never liked this bitterness in them, you will be pleased to know it disappears after walnuts are toasted. They become delicate, super crunchy and their nutty flavor is just insanely scrumptious.

If you want to increase protein or omega-3 acids intake in your plant based diet, make sure to eat some walnuts on a regular basis. They are really one of the most healthy nuts available.

Toasted walnuts in a white bowl.


You can choose the most convenient method how to toast walnuts: in the oven or on the stove.

Why making toasted walnuts at home?

I almost never buy roasted nuts for a simple reason. Nuts that are already roasted may contain unwanted additions, like salt, oil or even sugar. Since nuts are already high in fat, there’s no need to add more of it, right? Same with salt. I prefer my toasted walnuts to be natural in flavor, so I can add them to various dishes as well as desserts.

How to toast walnuts – the temperature

Walnuts are rich in polyunsaturated fats, but unfortunately very high temperature can damage those healthy fats. That is why, it’s best to toast walnuts in slightly lower temperature, but for a longer time.

In some recipes you may find information about 180°C / 350°F temperature, but actually 140°C / 284°F is optimum.

How To Toast Walnuts?

Toasted walnuts on a baking tray.

Crunchy, delicate and super aromatic – toasted walnuts are perfect snack or nutritious addition to meals including cakes, soups, curries and.. cookies!

Total Time: 10 minutes

1. Preheat oven to 140°C / 284°F.

Line baking tray with sheet of baking paper. You can also toast walnuts in the oven dish without baking paper.

2. Lay walnuts on a tray

Lay walnuts on a baking sheet in a single layer. It would be great if there was even small space between them for the hot air to circulate.

3. Bake walnuts

Bake walnuts first for 5 minutes. Then set your timer for 5-8 more minutes and watch the walnuts closely. If they start to turn brown and you feel strong smell, take them out of the oven.

4. Let the walnuts cool down

Take the walnuts out of the oven and let them sit to cool down. They will be very hot, so wait before you put them in an air tight container for storage.

1. Heat the pan

Put your dry pan on a medium heat.
It is best to start with lower setting and make it higher if necessary.

2. Add walnuts

Lay walnut on a hot pan in a single layer with some space between them. Don’t try to toast too many in one batch.

3. Toss

Toss the walnuts on the pan few times while toasting. Make sure that all of them where flipped to the other side, so they are heated evenly.
Depending on your stove settings it should take about 10 minutes. Watch the walnuts closely toward the end, as the edges like to get burned.

4. Cool down

When your walnuts are ready take them off the pan and place on a plate to cool down. If you leave them on a hot pan and only turn off the heat, they will keep toasting.


  • Be very careful and watch walnuts last 2-4 minutes of baking. It is easy to burn them if they stay in the oven too long.
  • Whether you toast walnuts in the oven or on the stove, place only one layer and make sure there is some space between the nuts. This way they will toast evenly.
Toasted walnuts in a white bowl.

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How to use Toasted Walnuts?

Toasted walnuts improve aroma and flavor of any dish you add them to. There are so many options.


I love crunchy, nutty addition to fresh salad. I usually add toasted pumpkin seeds on Vegan Beet Salad with Feta, pictured below, but toasted walnuts would make amazing addition as well.

Vegan Beet Salad with feta and cherry tomatoes sprinkled with sprouts.


Have you tried delicious red pesto before? If not, and you’re fan of sundried tomatoes and walnuts you have to try it ASAP!


Crispy toasted walnuts are perfect addition to smooth oatmeal. I’ll soon post my favorite recipe for overnight oats with walnuts and bananas. Stay tuned!


There are countless recipes for cookies and cakes calling for walnuts. Try those delicious and delicate traditional Walnut Cookies.

walnut cookies


Baking bread and experimenting with various additions is fantastic. Try adding chopped toasted walnuts to this Easy Homemade Bread and I am sure you will not regret it.


Yes, that’s correct. If you’re looking for a way to make your smoothies more nutritious and satisfying, adding nuts is a great way to do it.

How to store Toasted Walnuts?

Keep toasted walnuts in airtight container. Since toasting actually shortens shelf life of these nuts, it’s safer to store them in the fridge.

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