Parsley Smoothie for Energy Boost

Nutritious, refreshing and creamy Parsley Smoothie is a delicious way to boost your energy level during a busy day. Sweet banana, hearty oats and super-food parsley come together as a real power trio!

Whether you need a light healthy breakfast or quick pick-me-up snack idea, this smoothie will never fail.

Why do we love this Parsley Smoothie?

  • super healthy ingredients
  • instant energy boost
  • perfect pick-me-up snack
  • easy and quick to prepare
  • supports our immune system
  • only 5 simple ingredients
  • nut-free, dairy-free, may be gluten free with gf oats

Parsley smoothie for energy served in a decorative glass with parsley and banana in the background.

Blend half a cup of fresh parsley, banana plus few other pantry ingredients to get one of the healthiest smoothies ever! Try also other favorite smoothie recipes: Tofu Smoothie For Weight Loss or Gain, Blueberry Banana Smoothie.

Simple Parsley Smoothie to Boost your Energy in the Morning or After Workout

Ingredients in Parsley Smoothie for Energy Boost


You know how I like using super foods in my recipes; and parsley is definitely one of them. I choose flat-leaf parsley, for a vibrant flavor and softer leaves. You can also use curly parsley, if that’s the type you prefer.

Parsley is very rich in Vitamin K, A and C as well as folic acid and antioxidants. But that’s not the main reason it gives us kick of energy. This aromatic herb is one of the most abundant sources of iron in a plant based diet. It’s beneficial for both our muscles and our brain. It’s also known for preventing heart disease. Check out all benefits of parsley.

So if you want to be strong and clever – load on parsley !


You can use any plant based milk you like in this smoothie. I often add oat or almond milk. Soy milk is good choice as well.

How about preparing your smoothie using delicious Vegan Buttermilk that you can make in just 5 minutes?


Banana is our smoothie base, providing natural sweetness and creaminess.

Bananas are also one of the best quick sources of sustained energy, providing us with both sugar and fiber.

You can swap banana for other fresh fruit like peach, pineapple, or even half of avocado.

Oat milk in a jar, parsley, banana, oats and maple syrup on a kitchen counter.


Oats are fantastic addition to smoothies. Thanks to them your smoothie will be thick and creamy, and far more substantial. I choose fine oats or rolled oats, as they fall apart easier, giving smoother texture with less blending.

Thanks to oats, your smoothie is not only a refreshing drink, but can serve as a light breakfast keeping you full longer.


This is an optional ingredient. If your banana is very ripe you probably don’t have to add any sweeteners. If you, however, like your smoothies sweet you can use maple syrup, agave syrup or even few medjool dates.

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How to make Parsley Smoothie


Wash parsley and peel banana.

Measure milk, oats and sweetener and add everything to the blender container.

Remember if you want a super smooth texture you can blend parsley, oats and half cup of milk first. Then add banana, sweetener and remaining milk.

Oat milk in a jar, parsley, banana, oats and maple syrup on a kitchen counter.


Blend everything until you get smooth texture. You shouldn’t be seeing large flakes of parsley leaves or bits of oats. There may be some foam forming on top of your smoothie, that’s ok.


Serve the Parsley Smoothie for Energy Boost immediately after blending.

If you want your smoothie to be cold add 2-3 ice cubes before blending or use frozen banana.

Ingredients for parsley smoothie in a blender container.

Questions and Answers

Can I store Parsley Smoothie?

As all smoothies, Parsley Smoothie for Energy Boost is best when consumed immediately after preparing.

If you cannot drink if right after blending, store it in covered container in the fridge, and mix well before drinking.

What Are Parsley Smoothie Benefits?

Parsley, oats and banana are a powerful combo. They can all support our immune system and help in weight loss. Drinking this healthy green smoothie for breakfast or as a snack between meals, is a great way to boost our intake of essential nutrients. Parsley as a source of powerful antioxidant may help in getting rid of dangerous free radicals. Let’s see what else this smoothie can do for us:

  • may support heart health
  • may help reducing high blood pressure
  • may support eye health
  • may contribute to healthy skin
  • may help keeping the blood vessels clean
  • may prevent kidney stones
  • may help with upset stomach

What else can I add to smoothie for energy?

Here’s list of additions you can use to boost your energy with this smoothie even more:

  • teaspoon of chia seeds or hemp seeds
  • teaspoon of sesame seeds
  • few nuts or almonds
  • few dates
  • chopped ginger root
  • 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder (although it will mess with the color)
Parsley smoothie for energy served in a decorative glass with parsley and banana in the background.

What if I’m not fan of parsley?

I hear you, I used to cringe at the mere thought of adding parsley to any foods I consumed. It does have a very strong distinct aroma, but somehow in this smoothie it is not that noticeable.

Here are some ideas how to reduce taste of parsley in this smoothie:

  • Add 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
  • Add more sweetener
  • Add few sweet mint leaves, they will surely dominate the flavor and add even more freshness

Can I replace parsley with other leafy greens?

Ok, If parsley is a definite NO for you, or you simply do not have it at hand, the closest substitute would be fresh baby spinach. Both are fantastic sources of Vitamin A, K, C and folate. Although parsley has more than twice as much iron as spinach, both are considered good source of this mineral.


Parsley Smoothie for Energy Boost

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Prep time



Nutritious, refreshing and creamy Parsley Smoothie is a great way to boost your energy level during a busy day. Sweet banana, hearty oats and super-food parsley come together to provide powerful health benefits.

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  • 1 cup plant milk (soy, almond, oat)

  • 1 large banana (or 2 small)

  • 2-3 tbsp rolled oats

  • 1/2 cup roughly chopped parsley leaves

  • 2 tsp sweetener (maple syrup)


  • Peel and chop banana.
  • Wash parsley. Roughly chop leaves and only thin soft stems.
  • Measure remaining ingredients and add everything to the blender container.
  • Blend for around a minute, for the ingredients to combine and smoothie to become creamy.
  • Serve immediately!
    If you serve it later you may need to stir or mix the ingredients shortly again.


  • PRO TIP – If you want your smoothie to be extra smooth with beautiful green color and no leaves visible – blend half the amount of milk with oats and parsley leaves first. Add remaining ingredients and blend again.

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Parsley smoothie for energy boost PIN.

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  1. I’m so with on on parsley. It’s a brilliant herb. I often add a couple of sprigs or so to smoothies, but I’ve never made it the star of the show. That’s going to change now. Lovely idea.

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