walnut cookies

Walnut Cookies – Traditional Recipe for Delicious Nutty Cookies

Crunchy but soft, nutty and not too sweet. Delicious walnut cookies!

Ok, so this is not the most fit recipe ever, but let’s face it.. no matter how healthy we eat on a daily basis we all need going crazy with some deliciousness ever now and then.

My Mom make those Walnut Cookies every Christmas and sometimes also for other holidays.

Why you really really need to try those Walnut Cookies?

  • ideal for the afternoon tea
  • not too sweet but very nutty
  • walnuts are super healthy – lot of good omega-3 acids
  • those walnut cookies can be stored up to 2 weeks in sealed container
  • easily mixed in one bowl – very little cleaning 🙂
walnut cookies

Walnut Cookies are so delicious and delicate they melt in your mouth. Ideal for afternoon tea or morning coffee.

Walnut Cookies

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  • 100g walnuts

  • 200g vegan margarine or butter

  • 80g sugar

  • 300g all purpose flour

  • 1 flax ‘egg’


  • Prepare flax ‘egg’ – measure 1 tbsp ground flax seed and add 2 tbsp hot water. Wait 10 minutes for the right consistency.
  • Grind walnuts.
  • Measure margarine, sugar and flax egg and combine them in a bowl. You need to grind them so the margarine becomes creamy, best done by back of the spoon.
  • Add ground walnuts and mix well.
    walnut cookies
  • Sieve all purpose flour into the bowl, combine it with other ingredients until you get a soft, elastic dough. You can leave it in the fridge for some time, or you can start forming cookies right away.
  • Roll the dough into balls more or less size of the walnut. Form your walnut cookies as seen on the picture below.walnut cookies
  • Bake in 160°C / 320°F for 25 minutes (until browned evenly).


  • Don’t overgrind walnuts. You don’t want to make a nut butter.
  • Watch your cookies last 5 minutes of baking. Every oven is different, you don’t want to burn them.

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walnut cookies

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