Never Give Up Exercising Again – 5 Empowering Workout Tips For Beginners

How many times have you started a workout routine, full of optimism and energy, just to quit after a week?

Or day.. 😱

My personal infamous record was to quit after first time, when I took up jogging few years back (and also when I went to Zumba class, oops).

In both cases I set myself up for a failure from the very beginning. Maybe you unconsciously do the same?

Is it possible to avoid burnout and persevere in your workout routine? And even start to like it?

Let’s see..

Empowering Workout Tips For Beginners

Choose the right activity

I love trying new things. Sometimes they become my small hobbies, many times it’s just a one time deal.

Me and Zumba? I went with my workmate one time convinced it’s a great winter time activity. I even bought monthly entrance card with an honest will to attend… and I never came back..

This girl just doesn’t feel it.

Trying new activities is great and we all love it, but when it comes to the workout you expect to get certain results from, it’s best to choose something you know you will like.

Doesn’t matter if your friend swears that dancing burns most calories. Never mind this magazine article claiming that lifting weights is the best. If it’s not you, it won’t last. 

Bottom line — find your thing. It might be jogging, swimming, riding bike or hitting the gym.

If you like it, even if it’s hard on the beginning you have a bigger chance of success.

A lady running in a park - workout tips for beginners.
Workout tips for beginners. by Vegnfit

Develop a habit 

Do you think whether you feel like brushing your teeth after you wake up? Most likely you don’t. You just wake up and do it automatically.

Because it’s a habit. Something you do routinely every morning and you feel uncomfortable if you skip it. Start treating your workout the same way.

Wake up — brush your teeth — put on your leggings and go running. That works for me.

Come back from work — eat small snack — hit the gym. You get it. Develop a habit that works for you.

Btw. Here’s why working out in the morning is better.

The point is, don’t think about million reasons why you shouldn’t do it today, don’t stop to consider if you want to.

Once you develop a habit your body (and mind) will demand that you follow it. And believe me you will look forward to the gratification after the job is done.

Reward yourself with small treats

Give yourself tiny rewards after every completed workout.

It has to be something small, but pleasant enough, so you will be looking forward to it (no, bar of chocolate won’t do!).

I, for example drink delicious smoothies after every morning run. I like them very much and always use my favorite ingredients like peanut butter and bananas (or sometimes cocoa if I’m super happy). I don’t drink them on the days I don’t go running. It’s a little deal I have with myself. A bit of incentive: ‘I had a good workout and now it’s time for my favorite treat 

It’s like a bribe. It will put your mind in more favorable state, before your workout itself will be something you look forward to.

Here’s a great idea for a perfect after workout snack that is tasty and healthy!

Take it easy

What kind of a workout tip is that, you may ask? 

The most important one.

Getting discouraged because you started too hard is very common reason to quit.

When I went for that run, few years back, my expectations were so high that I totally overdid the whole workout. I thought that from day 1 I should be running marathons, at full speed to make matters worse. 

I came back home exhausted and demotivated. My takeaway from this experience was: It’s not for me. I suck. Needless to mention, I didn’t go for the second run.

When I took up running last year I made a small plan, started with achievable goals and convinced myself it’s ok to take it easy. I even wasn’t feeling bad in front of myself for having to slow down to march every now and then (damn you perfectionism!). 

This time failure was not an option.

And I made it. 

I’m genuinely looking forward to my morning running routine (and delicious smoothy after). It not only feels amazing (accomplishment) and leaves me energetic for the rest of the day.

It’s like an addiction already.

Remember that ‘done’ is always better than ‘perfect’.

Last but not least— find an accomplice

Somehow I convinced my husband to join my morning running routines. It’s not only fun to workout together. It’s motivating. Even if I really, really don’t feel like moving my bum this particular morning, I don’t want to be the one that quits and spoils the fun. Motivating each other really works.

Two girls working out on the beach.

Whatever your goals are and whatever activity you choose I hope you will persevere and gain what you want.

Main takeaways from Workout Tips For Beginners are:

  1. Choose the exercise that is right for you and that you enjoy.
  2. Make it a habit.
  3. Reward yourself with something pleasant after each accomplished workout.
  4. Set realistic goals and pace yourself.
  5. Get a buddy!

Let me know if you find my workout tips for beginners helpful.

Maybe you have proven tricks how to stay on track? Please share them in comments.

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3 thoughts on “Never Give Up Exercising Again – 5 Empowering Workout Tips For Beginners”

  1. Starting a workout journey as a beginner can be overwhelming, but your tips provide a clear roadmap. Incorporating plant-based nutrition alongside these workouts can contribute to a well-rounded and health-conscious approach.”

  2. Thanks for your advice about developing a workout habit. As you said, the body and mind will demand that the person do it when it becomes a habit. It took a while for me to read a book before going to bed, but I was able to do it. I’m sure I can do the same thing with working out.

    1. Thank you for your comment Elaina.
      Exactly, it is the same with any habit you want to develop: reading, or working out or anything else 🙂
      Our bodies and minds like the routine 🙂

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